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With a solid 25-year journey in the production industry, I have established myself as a personable and dedicated producer, recognized for my friendliness, resourcefulness, and hard work. The Advertising Producers Association honored me as one of the Top 10 Production Company Producers from 2002 to 2015.

From my humble beginnings as a Runner, I steadily climbed the ladder to become the Head of Production at Partizan Films. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of producing remarkable ad campaigns for renowned directors and prestigious brands. Projects like "Love At First Flight" for Virgin Atlantic and "Fantastic Voyage" for Adobe Creative Cloud showcase my commitment to infusing creativity into every endeavor.

My expertise extends to orchestrating globe-trotting shoots for esteemed clients such as DHL, HSBC, and the Shell/Ferrari collaboration, "Circuit." In this ambitious venture, we closed down six major cities worldwide to capture breathtaking scenes featuring F1 Ferrari cars.

In addition to my commercial productions, I have ventured into the realm of long and short form films. Noteworthy collaborations include the short film "Detour" with Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), "Cantina" with Nima Nourizadeh (Project X), and "Work" with Jim Hosking. As an executive producer, I contributed to the feature-length documentary "Nothing But The Beat" for David Guetta and the film "The End of Love" directed by David Austen, starring Vicky McClure. Furthermore, I have produced music videos for acclaimed filmmakers such as Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver) and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Venom).

Despite my achievements, my passion for the craft of filmmaking remains unwavering. I continuously seek creative inspiration and embrace the challenge of collaborating with diverse directors and clients, injecting a fresh perspective into every production.


Virgin Atlantic - Love at First Flight

BTAA. Silver. Best 60-90” Commercial.

BTAA. Bronze. Transport & Travel. 

BTAA. Bronze. Best 30-59” Commercial. 

BTAA. Bronze. Corporate.

Campaign Big Awards. Winner. Sport Travel & Leisure.

Eurobest. Gold. Tv/cinema.

Clio Awards. Gold. Tv/Cinema.

Clio Awards. Gold. Music.

Virgin Atlantic - It 

Blades Awards. Winner.

BTAA. Silver. Corporate.

BTAA. Silver. Transport and Travel.

BTAA. Gold. 60-90” Cinema.

BTAA. Silver. Best 60-90” Commercial. 

BTAA. Silver. Best 30-60” Commercial.

Creative Circle. Gold. 

Music and Sound Awards. Gold. Sync. 

Virgin Atlantic - Flying in the Face of Ordinary

BTAA. Bronze. Best 30-60” Commercial.

BTAA. Silver. Transport and Travel. 

BTAA. Silver. Corporate. 

New York Festival. Gold. 

New York Festival. Gold. 

Adobe - Fantastic Voyage

D&AD - Shortlist / Visual Effects / Computer-Generated / 2021

Clio Gold, Film Craft (Visual Effects)

The One Show Silver - Moving Image Craft

Cresta - Grand Prix Film Craft (Outstanding Special Effects)

Sainsbury - The Big Night

British Arrows Awards Winner 

Ciclope Awards Winner

Creative Circle Winner

Honda - Choir

Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Gold Lion Award.

D&AD - Yellow Pencil / Tv & Cinema Crafts / Sound Design

The One Club - Silver - Consumer Television / Over :30 - Single - Max. :90

Clios - Gold - Tv/automotive, “Choir”

Peugeot 208

Grand Prix - Winner of Best TV Commercial of the Year at the Most Prestigious Brazilian Awards Ceremony

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